When on a Club Event and driving in convoy, please comply with the following simple guidelines:

  • Keep the driver behind in view at all times, don’t worry about the driver in front, they will be following these guidelines.
  • If you can’t see the driver behind, stop when it is safe to do so, and wait for them to catch up. In this way any problems will be transmitted to the group leader.
  • When you come to a junction where the road or track splits, do not take the turning until the driver behind can see in which direction you travel. This prevents following vehicles getting lost.
  • If you get stopped by traffic lights, oncoming traffic or for any other reasons, after other members of the group have passed through, the group leader will be aware of this and will slow or stop the convoy until you and those behind you rejoin.
  • We will endeavour to have the front and rear vehicles linked by C.B. radio so that information can be quickly passed.

If at any time on an event you do not feel confident in carrying out a manoeuvre that other club members are doing, do not be afraid to stop and ask for advice, or to refuse to do it. Nobody will think any the worse of you.

Anyone who has taken photographs on a club event and has them in an electronic format is welcome to send copies to the web master for inclusion on the photos page of the club web site.

If all that sounds a bit formal, I am sorry to give that impression but we are basically just a group of like minded Land Rover nuts and friends. We are pleased to welcome you to our Club and hope that you will enjoy your time with us.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or problems do not hesitate to contact any of the Officers of the Club.